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We pack standard Sardine/Mackerel in tins size from 155g to 425g. Use all kind of meduin like Brine, Oil, tomato sauce with or without chili. We have a different kind of cans. Many customers ask especially to have sardine without scales which basically A grade product. 

As we all know that Thailand is the worlds largest exporter of rice. Therefore we can say this is our family business. Can provide with almost all types of Thai Rice with extraordinary Price. Also please sign to our newsletter to get the most updated prices regularly. 

MANO Offers Full package in Tuna. From 80g to 1880g. We are proud to offer almost all packings. Albacore, Yellowfin, Tongol, Skipjack, Bonito  Solid, Chunks, Flakes and Shredded in Brine and Oil. 

From 7oz to A10 Tin and Aseptic bags for Industrial use, Mano Sweet Kernel Corn packs this Natures gift and bring at your ​doorstep in best form. 

We preserve the best fruit of pineapple fresh from the farms of Thailand in lacquered and non-lacquered tins for our customers in different packings using different mediums like Slices, Pieces, Broken, Titbits and Canned Pineapple Chunks from 8oz to 108oz. Also can provide bulk packing for industrial use.

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