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 For almost 20 years Mano Foods has been delivering top quality food products to global markets.

The proud brand owners and producers of most r
eliable food and beverage products like "SARDINIA" OCEAN FISH" "OCEAN BEST" "MANO" "VENICE" "STAR CHOICE" "ATLANTIC GOLD" "MEGA BOOSTER" we also have developed strong relationships with a network of dependable suppliers of raw material and in several cases we have invested in these companies, allowing us to offer the lowest pricing to our ever-expanding list of customers around the world

We offer our own brands as well as private (OEM) labeling based on volume, and are big enough to consolidate orders, which translates into the lowest shipping rates available.

Our products fall into three main divisions:


                Fruit and vegetable juices -- Energy Drinks -- 
Green Tea

Canned Foods

                Tuna -- Sardine/Mackerel -- Canned Fruits


                Rice -- Sugar --Stevia


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